Traditional Japanese workmen's coats or jackets. Made of fine quality padded cotton, this kimono-style short, slip-over coat in the past often featured the employer's crest or name embroidered on the back as an early form of advertising. Hanten make excellent, warm outdoor coats for picnics, sports events or the garden.

Note: these hanten do NOT have a crest on the back.

Also, please note that hanten are a seasonal item. They come in stock in November, and usually last through March.

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View Hanten - Workman's Coat

Hanten - Workman's Coat

Our Price: $74.99

View Navy Hanten

Navy Hanten

Our Price: $89.99

View Ladies Hanten

Ladies Hanten

Our Price: $74.99

View Ladies XL Hanten

Ladies XL Hanten

Our Price: $84.99

View Toni Toni Choppa Ladies Hanten

Toni Toni Choppa Ladies Hanten

Our Price: $109.00

View Denim Print Hanten

Denim Print Hanten

Our Price: $79.99

View Short Sleeve Hanten

Short Sleeve Hanten

Our Price: $199.00

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Sweeping Red Happi Coat

Sweeping Red Happi Coat

$99.00 $79.00

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